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LFSR Based Block Cipher Technique for Text

Sakshi Dubey1 , Darpan Anand2 , Jayash Sharma3

1 Dept. Of Computer Science Engineering, HITM, Agra, India.
2 Dept. Of Computer Science Engineering, HITM, Agra, India.
3 Dept. Of Computer Science Engineering, HITM, Agra, India.

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Section:Research Paper, Product Type: Journal Paper
Volume-6 , Issue-2 , Page no. 53-60, Feb-2018


Online published on Feb 28, 2018

Copyright © Sakshi Dubey, Darpan Anand, Jayash Sharma . This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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IEEE Style Citation: Sakshi Dubey, Darpan Anand, Jayash Sharma, “LFSR Based Block Cipher Technique for Text”, International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Vol.6, Issue.2, pp.53-60, 2018.

MLA Style Citation: Sakshi Dubey, Darpan Anand, Jayash Sharma "LFSR Based Block Cipher Technique for Text." International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering 6.2 (2018): 53-60.

APA Style Citation: Sakshi Dubey, Darpan Anand, Jayash Sharma, (2018). LFSR Based Block Cipher Technique for Text. International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, 6(2), 53-60.

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In the world of cryptography there are a lot of techniques and their simultaneous operations, which are used for making our data transmission better, secure and fast. Today to get more and more data transmission capabilities, people tend to compromise security of their data due to non availability of better cryptography techniques to suit different needs of their data transmission. Keeping this requirement of enhanced security in mind, some new techniques are making their way in cryptography, which are reliable, fast and give better data security for transmission of different kind of data (i.e. Text, Images, Videos etc.). In this paper, authors are proposing a cryptography method for enhanced encryption and decryption with help of LFSR (linear feedback shift register), which can reliably give much desired security with more speed. In this paper the method is used only for text, it could be further modified for 2D as well as 3D images.

Key-Words / Index Term

LFSR (Linear Feedback Shift Register); Encryption; Decryption; Cipher text; Block cipher


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